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[Fanfic] Smile For Me

Smile For Me
565 words


Truth comes unexpected.
It may come today, or tomorrow.
Next month, or even next year.
Sometimes truth never comes at all.

But when it does, what will you do?

What can you do?


The sound of your footsteps echoed in the empty cathedral.
You walked along the lines, empty benches silently watching your every step.
In front of the altar you stood, slowly joining your hands together in one last prayer.

Dear God,
If You exist,
If You're there somewhere,
If You can hear me---


The scents of lilies , roses, and daisies entered your nose as you inhaled deeply.
You've always wanted to be in a garden full of flowers. You thought it's beautiful. The colors white, red, and yellow filled your vision eagerly, as if saying 'look at me, look at me, I'm beautiful, don't you want to look at me forever?'
Your lips broke into smile.

You closed your eyes.


You opened your eyes in one bright Sunday morning.
The picture wasn't complete.
The picture wasn't complete.
The picture wasn't comp---

You crushed the truth into pieces.


You liked his smile the most.
When he smiled, everything seemed brighter. When he smiled, everything looked beautiful.
Everything just felt right when you looked at him.
Everything felt so normal.

But what is normal anyway?


I can't see you, you said, trembling in front of the truth.
I can't see you,
I can't see you,
I can't ---

Why can't I see you?


you're lying, he said.
you can see me, right?
you can see m-me,r-r-right?

The opthalmoscopy results laid forgotten as he broke down into tears.


Have you ever seen an unfinished puzzle?
The one that has a big beautiful picture but with some pieces missing?


I will give my eyes to you.
I will give my vision to you.
I will---

You placed a finger on his lips.
You gaze at him with a sad smile.

even when it's incomplete you still look beautiful, you said.
You moved forward and kissed his lips gently,

and it's enough for me.


The day the darkness embraced you completely was your twenty-first birthday.
You were resting comfortably on your bed, inhaling the taste of pure darkness for the first time in your life.
So this is it, you thought.

Your time is running out.


You woke up to the sound of life supporting machines beeping around you.
You felt someone was holding your hand. Someone warm, someone familliar---

you're awake, aren't you? hold back my hand if you are, a familliar voice whispered.
You obeyed.

the doctors said you could go home soon. good news, eh? , he said quietly with a bright tone.
You smiled weakly.

we can eat pizzas, listen to music you like... we practically can do anything!, he said again, a bit too excited this time. You managed to let out a soft laugh, but your breathing got slower...slower...

smile for me.

hm?, he seemed surprised. You tried to smile, and repeated.

o-okay, I'm gonna smile now... so, heal quickly so we can go home soon, okay? promise? , he said as he hooked his pinky finger with yours.

I promise.

You thought you could almost saw the smile you loved the most.


let's meet again at the other side.