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03.11.10 : Extraordinary? nah :/

Hey :D.
I did my remedial exam for math today... And a sudden exam for arts. I hate that. The teacher ordered us to do that without even explaining what were we supposed to do with that picture :|.
Have I ever mentioned how much I hate arts now?

Anyways. That's for school.
My post's title today is kinda related to my friends or people who've ever met me.
When my parents or when they knew about my academic records and all they always,always,think that I'm somewhat extraordinary or something and that's starting to get on my nerves,honestly.
Do they know how much I have to work for this?
I'm obviously not born smart or genius or whatever.
I work hard to become what I am today.
I really hope that they can be just...cool with it.
No need to exaggerate things.
Seriously. They can be smart if they want to and work hard.
Like, no need to be touched by a prodigy or a genius to be like them.
I just can't believe even one of my friends thet I consider as a close friend treat me like that too. I just... Hate it.

I really try my best to show her that I'm just ordinary who works a little harder, but seems like she doesn't understand. I don't blame her.
I'm just kinda disappointed.