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07.11.10 : Chaser

IIIIIIIIIIIII'm not busy today.
Wow. Yeah,wow.
I don't have any assignments at all O_O.
So I spent my day watching TV (I even watched E! OMG o_o).
Sunkyunkwan Scandal's reruns XDXDXDXD

I met my old friend from a forum that I've been a member at since 3 years ago OMG ... What an awesome day :D.
I also bought a comic,magazine,and a history textbook today :D. And I watched Detective Conan : The Raven Chaser tooo :DDDD. It's great!!! Conan's movies are the best XD.

And seriously, I found that my current school is pretty famous o_o.
Wow. Too bad I'm not too happy being part of it.

I'll stop here for today. May God bless us. Amen.
Jaa :D.